LED Taxi Sign P5 RGB (37.8×12.6 inches)

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  1. P5 SMD Outdoor module
  2. Freely Edit any Language can be showed.1500 English letters.
  3. Display have Message Effect, Video,Photo.
  4. Equipped communication mode:USB converter RJ45 , USB or 3G connector cluster management.
  5. Simple and flexible user interface, easy to operate.
  6. Enclosure Material:Aluminum Case, fire proofing aluminum plate


Type P5 led taxi sign
Module Resolution(Pixels) 64*32 dots Module size:32*16cm
Scan mode 1/8 scan
Display Size 32*96CM(64*192 dots)
Brightness 6000nits(Adjustable Brightness)
Display Max word Width:24 words, High:4 words
Operating Temperature -30℃~60℃
Power input AC 110V~240V
Installation outdoor
Accessories 5m USB Cable &1.5m Power Cable &CD for programming software
Operating Life 100,000hours
Packing Each unit one carton
Weight: 20kg
Size: 960mm*320mm*150mm

LED sign Control system
Asynchronous Full-color LED Display Controller HD-D10

1).Support indoor & outdoor full-color & single/dual color module.
2).Control range Pixel:384W*64H
3).Support 256 Gray scale.
4).Support Video、Animation、Image、Neon,Office file etc .
5).Support U-disk expanding memory, plug and play.
6).Plug and play without any network settings.
7).Support Internet /3G/4G Clouds management

Type Indoor & outdoor full-color & single/dual color module
Control range Pixel: 384(W)*64(H) . longest 512   highest 128
Gray Scale 256
Animation format SWF、FLV 、GIF
Image format BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.
Text Text and Image being edited directly.
Time Classic Analog clock, digital clock and various of clock with image background
Other function Neon, animations function; Clockwise/counter-clockwise count; support temperature and humidity; Adaptive brightness adjustment function
memory capacity 256MB Flash, more than 2 hours’ program support.  Indefinite expanding of U-disk memory.
Communication U-disk; Via NetworkRJ45 port connected LAN,Internet or 3G/4G to Internet
Port  5V Power x1, 10/100M RJ45 x1, USB 2.0 x1, 4Port of HUB75
software HDPlayer

3.Connected ways
①.Controller can be connected to the router ,then into Internet to management

②.Controller can be connected to the computer

③.Updated program: Except use LAN Cable ,also can via U-Disk or Portable Hard-disk

  1. HD-D10 Interface explanation

①:USB port,Plug in the U-disk or mobile hard disk,update program;
②:Power terminal to connect 5 v power supply;
③:RJ45 internet access .HD-D10 connected to the computer internet access, router or
switch,Normal working state is orange lights on, green lights flashing
④:MINIPCIE,connect 3G module or WIFI module (selectable);
⑤:4×2*8PIN, HUB75B,connect LED display directly;
⑥:SIM card slot,3G/4G SIM card.

  1. Definition of HUB port:

Support 4 groups HUB75 parallel data are defined as follows:


  1. Assembly drawing:


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