Quote Number 18733
Quote Date March 26, 2021
Total $178,000.00

James Scott,
89 Grace Drive, Columbus Ms. 39702
Phone: 662-889-0914 | OKC: 405-885-9177

Bill To:

78 E 1700 S
Provo, UT84606
Phone: (801) 734-7200
Attn: Rob Moon

Ship To:

Same as Bill To


Local codes checked before the design process begins

Professional layout by sign designers that understand readability at different traffic speeds & distances

Detailed proposals with all specifications clearly listed

Permitting department insures full code compliance and all required inspections

Commercial-grade materials and other quality materials for construction

All backed up by a 10 Year Limited Warranty on the housing and 3 Years on the Electronic components

Description Qty Unit PriceAmount


LED P10 Service Mounted Diode, Outdoor 7000mcd Super Bright Full Color, 41' Wide x 22' Tall. with Wi-Fi, 220 volts, 60Hz. LED Signs that are capable of video, pictures, text, and Wi-Fi connections.

1 $155,996.00$155,996.00

Normal Shipping Charges - Free (By Boat)

Shipping Charge by Boat for the 42' x 22' Outdoor Movie Theater

1 $0.00$0.00

Shipping Charge By Air

1 $22,004.00$22,004.00
Sub Total $178,000.00
Tax $0.00
Total $178,000.00

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