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Quote Date November 24, 2020
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James Scott,
89 Grace Drive, Columbus Ms. 39702
Phone: 662-889-0914 | OKC: 405-885-9177

Bill To:
Bams Fitness

7156 highway 45,
Nettleton, Ms, 38858.
Contact No: 662-213-7200

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Local codes checked before the design process begins

Professional layout by sign designers that understand readability at different traffic speeds & distances

Detailed proposals with all specifications clearly listed

Permitting department insures full code compliance and all required inspections

Commercial grade materials and other quality materials for construction

Installation by sign technicians that hold State Sign Specialists licenses

All backed up by a 3 year warranty

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LED, P10 SMD, 64 Modules, 256 x 128 Pixel, RGB

Full Color, 52" x 104", Front Serviceable,
Wi-Fi Controlled, Temperature Control, Time
Control, Brightness Control, 120 volt,
Hertz 50/60HZ, Outbox Size: 52” x 104”.

3 Year Limited Warranty.


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Total $8,500.00

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